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Houston area romance authors offer heart-felt advice
just a little
By Christie Craig
It’s almost February, the month that seems almost synonymous with romance. Everywhere you look, you see heart-shape boxes of chocolate, or gift ideas for that someone special.  
Yes, love is in the air. And what better time to think about those you hold dearest in your lives. What better time to express a little of love to yourself. And who better to get a little heart-felt advice from than some of Houston’s very own romance authors.
Loving Yourself:
The best way to love yourself is to indulge in a guilty pleasure now and then. I’ll usually lock myself in my room and get lost in a great novel (romance, naturally). It takes me away from the stress like nothing else.
Loving Him:
Really listen to him. Make eye contact, and focus on his words and his unspoken message. Then tell him you think he’s wonderful because that’s what he really wants to hear. There’s no better aphrodisiac than that.
Loving Him:
Saying “I love you” is important, but evidence is more so to my man. Not that he expects proof, but an unsolicited back rub, little surprises like a new CD, whispering secret sweets in his ear—those are ways I show him my love.
So there you have it, just a little heart-felt advice from authors who write to the heart. May you celebrate this season by picking up a few of our books and savoring the romance. May you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and enjoy it with someone you love. Even if that someone is yourself. ❤
Loving Yourself:
Treat yourself with the same respect that you would a dear friend. Learn how to say “no” to others more often and how to say “no” to yourself less frequently.
Loving Each Other:
Bring humor into your romance. When is the last time you really laughed together? Did you know laughing generates the same “feel-good” hormone as falling in love? Go see a comedy show, or a funny movie. Give each other gag gifts. Rekindle the sense of playfulness into the relationship by having fun with each other.
craig cover.jpg
craig headshot.jpg
Christie Craig
Teri Thackston Cover.jpg
Teri Thackston Image.jpg
Teri Thackston
Loving Each Other:
When you make Valentines cookies, ask your spouse to help you with the icing. Then you can get creative and completely miss the cookies all together. What a mess! You'll just have to help each other get that icing off!
Play a game of poker or Scrabble or whatever game you like, using Hershey kisses for the poker chips or prizes. Each color of the kisses can symbolize something different, a foot rub, a hug, and a red one is a red hot kiss. You can either eat your prize winnings or trade them in for the real prize.
Kerrelyn Sparks cover.jpg
Kerrelyn Sparks image.jpg
Kerrelyn Sparks
Kimber Frost (2).jpg
Kimberly Frost
TJ Bennett cover.jpg
TJ Bennett Image.jpg
TJ Bennett
Love Him & Yourself:
Judge slowly; forgive quickly. I think we are often harder on ourselves and our partners for mistakes made than we would be on friends or extended family, so I try to remind myself to be kind and respectful to myself and all the people I love.
Kimberly Frost cover.jpg
Kim Lenox image.jpg
Kim Lenox
Loving Each Other:
Whether you’re going out for a rare date night or the kids have just gone to bed, take an entire night off from technology and tune into couplehood. Turn off the Blackberry or the iPhone. Don’t step foot into the home office. Stop multi-tasking. Devote the night to your guy and recharge your personal connection with him.
Kim Lenox Cover.jpg
Colleen Thompson
Loving Him:
One of the best things to do for a loved one is to make an offering that shows what matters to him matters to you (especially when it’s not your cup of tea). If your man’s a sports nut and you get him seats for the 50-yard-line, that’s great. But what really puts it over the top is when you have a glad heart as you accompany your loved one, rather than putting on your martyred face and dampening his enjoyment.
Colleenthompson cover.jpg
Linda Warren Image.jpg
Linda Warren
Loving Him:
Always surprise him. I don’t mean in the bedroom, though that’s not bad either.
Linda Warren Cover.jpg
Linda Barrett image.jpg
Linda Barrett
Loving Yourself:
Show the love by putting yourself first—for once! Give yourself the gift of time to do exactly what you want to do, not what your children want, not what your husband wants, not what your boss wants, just what you want.
Linda Barrett cover.jpg
PJ Mellor image.jpg
PJ Mellor
Loving Each Other:
While rose petals strewn all over the bed have long been a staple “romantic” thing to do, you’ll have a heck of a time getting the natural oils from the rose petals out of the sheets—crushed rose petals can also irritate the skin.
Do, however, think of your mate. Nice begets nice. I always bake my husband a German Chocolate cake (which I loathe).  In return, he buys me diamonds! I think that’s fair.
PJ Mellor cover.jpg
Gail Dayton image.jpg
Gail Dayton
Loving Him:
Guys claim they’re not “touchy-feely,” but I don’t know any man who doesn’t appreciate being touched. A sweep of the hand across the shoulder as you pass, or a gentle squeeze on the arm can let him know you appreciate him being there. A step up from a touch is a hug. You may have to wait till you’re not in public, if your man is the “macho man” type, but hugs can make the big, bad world go away, if only for a  minute.
Gail Dayton cover.jpg
Sophie Jordan image.jpg
Sophie Jordan
Loving Yourself:
Mark “me” days (for the spa, gym, dinner out with the girls) on the fridge calendar. Consider these appointment (with yourself) ones that you can’t break—one just as important as a doctor’s check-up. In a way, it’s the same. After all, if we don’t take care of ourselves (in body and spirit), then we won’t be around to take care of anyone or anything else.
Sophie Jordan Cover.jpg
heather macallister image.jpg
Heather MacAllister
Loving Yourself:
When you’re busy juggling everyone’s schedule and seeing to their needs and wants, schedule yourself in, too. At least once a week, work on achieving something from your list. And, no, vacuuming should not be on the list!
heather macallister cover.jpg
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