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Enjoy the Weekend at Your Own Place in the Country
capital farm credit
After a long week fighting the hustle and bustle of city life, many rush-hour commuters dream of a weekend getaway in the country. Capital Farm Credit is the lender that can make that dream a reality.
As the state’s largest rural lender, Capital Farm Credit specializes in rural financing. The lending cooperative offers loan programs to help you buy, build or refinance a country home or rural land. It also provides operating capital and can finance property improvements, farms and ranches, and livestock and equipment.
Call Capital Farm Credit toll free at 1-877-944-5500 to find the nearest office and learn how their experts can help you finance your perfect rural retreat.
 Banking & Finance
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Recovery Coming!
Bruce Mercer, President,
Bank of Fort Bend
“We have seen some lenders in our market substantially reduce their construction and real estate lending through an overreaction based in fear, ” says Bruce Mercer, president, Bank of Fort Bend. “As you know, our property values and inventories here are in relatively good shape versus the national market. ”
Yes, lenders need to be prudent in underwriting with reasonable underwriting and with sufficient equity from borrowers, which protects both the lender and the borrower in the case of a longer-than-anticipated recovery. However, this is not a time for overreaction against construction lending altogether. Texas will need appropriate lending liquidity to help fuel the recovery we are starting to experience. Here ’s to a good close for 2009!
12946 Dairy Ashford, Sugar Land
281-276-1800. www.bankoffortbend.com
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Home Building
Made Easy
First Community
Credit Union
 Despite what you have heard about the financial market, First Community is safe, secure and still lending —even for mortgages! First Community is dedicated to making home financing less stressful for YOU.
 Their financing options and competitive rates are customized to fit YOU. If you are building a home, they have a one-time close to simply the process and give you peace of mind.
Think First.® Experience mortgage solutions that are tailored to fit your needs! Click to fccu.org or call 281-856-9057 today!
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Is Inflation Coming?
W.J. Interests
The current economic recession has pushed our government into unprecedented actions. In order to combat deflation (i.e., falling prices), the Federal Reserve and U.S. Treasury have committed to printing as much money as is needed. However, these actions could have inflationary consequences.
It is unclear when or if inflation will develop, but if it does, one way to protect your portfolio is to invest in Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS). TIPS are issued by the U.S. government and are backed by the full faith and credit of Uncle Sam. The bonds pay a fixed rate of interest and the face value of the bond adjusts up or down with the rate of inflation, thereby protecting the investor from the effects of rising inflation.  
WJ Interests is a fee-only financial planning and investment management firm in Sugar Land. For more information, please contact them at wj@wjinterests.com or 281-634-9400.  
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